Italian restaurants are plentiful around here, and there are far more amazing ones than were voted upon. However, this is the one that you agreed is the best.

After asking a simple question on our Facebook page yesterday afternoon of "Whats the best Italian restaurant in the Capital Region?", a lot of answers started to pour in. A few of the eateries I have been to and many I have not. The later part of that sentence includes the establishment that had the most comments.

D'Raymonds in Loudonville received the most comments on the post. After checking them out on social media it was easy to see why. They were voted in 2016 as having the best red sauce in the Capital Region and It seems they are a true authentic Italian restaurant and their food made my mouth water just by pictures. Another one that garnered quite a bit of love was Ferrari's in Schenectady. This of course followed by a variation of answers in the form of "My house".