Well, a delicious brew does compliment the news well.

If you are one that likes to read the news wile enjoying a brew, be it of the roasted caffeinated kind or the craft beer sort, you will soon be able to take this pairing to a whole new level.

The former Saratogain building at Lake and Maple avenues in downtown Saratoga Springs is being transformed into a new beer hall and coffee house to be called Walt & Whitman. Which according to the Times Union is a joint venture between the former operations manager of Morton's Steakhouse in Saratoga, a business partner, and Whitman Brewing. Bringing together your love for coffee and craft beer!

According to the Saratogain where the newspaper’s mail room and presses were once where in the basement has been gutted to make room for the brewpub. Upstairs will be the coffee house that will have seating for dining and entertainment.

The remodel will contain two kitchens and two bars that along with beer and coffee will serve a menu that includes items such as pizza and salads. To top it all off Whitman Brewing Company will be brewing on site! Walt & Whitman is hoping for an early June opening.