On Friday, March 2, a trio of trios will be invading the Dublin Underground at Savannah's in downtown Albany for a night of rock n' roll fun. Local bands The Erotics and The BLiSTeRz will be joining New York City band The SEX SLAVES on stage for three consecutive performances that will get you on your feet and banging your head to the beat of the music. Read on to find out just who these bands are and what they're made of, and make sure to clear your calendar so you and your friends can attend!

Here is low down: the who, what, when, where and why of Friday, March 2:

WHAT: Old school, out of control, no holds barred rock 'n' roll show you will be reading about on Monday and wish you had attended!
WHEN: Friday, March 2 at 8PM
WHERE: Savannah's (Dublin Underground) - 1 South Pearl St.-Albany, NY
WHY: Because Albany deserves the chance to catch the SEX SLAVES before they take over the world! This show will also be the CD release party for THE EROTICS brand new EP BOULEVARD OF CHOKING SCREAMS.

The SEX SLAVES are made-up of Eric 13, Del Cheetah and J Bomb. They have been together from the beginning and are an even stronger force because of it. According to their website:

SEX SLAVES are a living, breathing war machine. They have independently performed over 1,000 live shows in 13 countries, and counting…all without a major label’s tour support dollars, or corporate sponsorship. This is a band to be reckoned with.

Born out of the gutter and raised on a deserted street corner in the Lower East Side of New York City, SEX SLAVES sound like they’ve just awoken from an all-night binge of booze, cigarettes, and cheap sex. There hasn’t been one slimy dive in this whole wretched world that hasn’t been given a sleaze-pop makeover, and a hefty dose of sass by these three street walkin’ cheetahs.

They spent 18 months on the road in 2005/06 in support of their infectious, bombastic, delicious, and diseased sophomore album, BITE YOUR TONGUE, and two previous tours in JAPAN and the U.S. for their bright, buzzing, snotty, hook-heavy, self-released debut album NIKKI. SEX SLAVES have proven themselves to be one of the hardest-working bands in the biz, scratching their way onto bed posts and into rock n’ roll immortality one gig at a time.

After returning home in early 2010 from two EUROPEAN tours in support of their 3rd release, WASTED ANGEL, eric13, Del Cheetah, and J Bomb are now bringing their insatiable appetite for pure action and reckless abandon to YOUR city – grab the Jack Daniels, quit your job, and join the revolution!

…never mind the vanilla rock bands, here come the SEX SLAVES!!

The nine-year-old trio will be releasing their fourth studio album early this year, and it will follow 2009's Wasted Angel. They will be headlining the March 2 show.

For more information on the SEX SLAVES:

Below is a video of the SEX SLAVES. For more videos, go here.

Four-year-old local band The BLiSTeRz will be the first opening act at next Friday's show. Consisting of Davey 'Big Mouth' BLiSTeR, Drew 'Blood' BLiSTeR and Teddy 'Barefoot' BLiSTeR, their website states the following:

ThE BLiSTeRz are a three piece rock band hailing from Albany, NY. They are comprised of a loud mouth guitar player who loves power chords in the key of G, a reserved yet stylish bass player who blinks during photos and performs wizardry on the 4-string, and a thrashing beast on the drums, who breaks kick drums, sticks and ladies' hearts with reckless abandon! They are LOUD, they are FAST and they are INFECTIOUS!!! Their three-chord anthems will have you shouting along before the second chorus. Influenced by bands such as Social Distortion, The Clash, the Buzzcocks, and the Goo Goo Dolls their sound is a guitar driven fury, fueled with catchy lyrics and a thundering back beat that brings you to your feet, throwing your fists in to the air. Come to a show and you may find yourself on stage with the boys singing back up or playing “BLiSTeRz Guitar Hero.” It’s always a party and nobody is safe. So run for cover because the fun is about to start!!!

You can listen to the band's music here, or visit them at the following:

Second opening band, Albany trio The Erotics is made-up of Mike Trash, Johnny Riott and Billy Bear, according to their website:

The Erotics are electrifying the world of rock-n-roll with a fistful of snarl and a full dose of snotty attitude and sneers. Lead by founding member Mike Trash, The Erotics, Trash (Lead Guitar, Vox), Johnny Riott (Drums/Percussion), and Billy Bear (Bass Guitar) deliver unapologetically raw rock-n-roll with unabashed reality, infectious hooks, and a sly knack for sarcasm. From the punk rock beginnings of their debut release in 1996 and through the years and seven records in culminating with this year's newest record Boulevard Of Choking Screams, the 8th for the band, The Erotics have cultivated a sound harking back to the days when rock-n-roll was real, dirty, and unwashed. But with an ear for catchy refrains, sleazy riffs, driving rhythms, and more low-slung guitar swagger then a surly James Dean, The Erotics have set themselves apart by not only capturing the essence of rock-n-roll rebellion, but also by infusing it with a new, refreshing sound that could very well be what saves it.
As one of the best kept (not-so) secrets in rock, The Erotics are riding the wave of the new rock-n-roll resurgence and are leading the charge, poised to expose themselves and sleazy, kick-ass rock-n-roll to the entire world.

The upcoming album, Boulevard of Choking Screams (take that, Green Day!) will become available on


March 5, just three days after the show. The EP features last year's Halloween hit single "Your Bloody Frankenstein," which, according to front man Mike Trash "spent weeks lurking around the top spot of many digital download charts plus it also spawns many more Mike Trash-penned aural trash-torn workouts!"

Like many past releases, the new EP will be available in a deluxe, collector's edition gift box, complete with CD, artwork, poster, badge and sticker. You can pre-order here.

Albany, New York's monsters of low strung, dirty rock n' roll- The Erotics, have once again teamed up with the UK's Big Zee Music and Trashpit Records to unleash upon the world, perhaps their most brutal and down right obnoxious collection of horror-punk, sleaze-tinged musical masterpieces yet!

Check out the video for "I Like It the Way U Hate Me:"

To find out more about The Erotics:

The trios sound like they have a lot in common, but nonetheless will each put on a different show that will leave you saying "I'm not exactly sure what was going on at all times, but it's from all of the rock n' roll shock that is taking over my body at this very moment." Any show that leaves you in such a state has to be nothing short of life changing. You have all the information, so plan on being at Savannah's in Friday, March 2 at 8 pm.


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