On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend- May 25th, Savannahs will be rocking and kicking off the summer of 2012 with a free show. National recording artist HURT will be performing with some local bands yet to be announced. HURT returns to the rock world with a sixth studio album 'The Crux' which is out in stores today featuring current single 'How We End Up Alone'.

Get re-introduced to HURT - The band we all loved and admired is back. Its been three years since Hurt has released any new music and from reviews their new album 'The Crux' does not disappoint. "Hard hitting rock riffs, soaring vocals, the album has classic sounds and something new. The content is brilliant and very well produced".

"We wanted this to be a record of extremes," HURT frontman J. Loren says of the band's sixth album The Crux. "We wanted it to be its own musical world that the listener can step into, and then return to again and again, and find something new to discover every time".

The band has gone thru numerous members and currently consists of lead singer J. Loren Wince, guitarist Michael Roberts, bassist Rek Mohr, and drummer Victor Ribas.  Basically, HURT has evolved. Don't miss them when they take the stage for a intimate free show at Savannah's, 1 South Pearl Street downtown Albany kicking off summer and Memorial Day weekend on Friday May 25th.

Keep listening to Q103 for more details. This summer will rock!  Remember its a free show, that's more money to spend on other things, like their new CD which will be available at Savannahs that night.

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