I've recently looked into a different way of shaving, that being with a straight razor. I am a little scared.

In no way do I want my man card pulled away from me for being to afraid to slide an insanely sharp piece of metal across my face. However, to all the ladies out there. Yes we get it you shave all of the hair off your body short of your scalp and your eyebrows. Here is where I bitch. First off, as a man I shave the most noticeable part of anybodies body on a bi-daily basis. You shave areas that do not get noticed on the regular. Alright you shave your who ha, kudos.

Where I really mean to aim this publication is to the art of shaving with a safety razor or even a straight razor. It is an art. It also is something our ancestors didn't have a choice in doing. Maybe you are caught in the group of dudes who don't think you'll get a close enough shave, you'd be wrong.

Let me beg your indulgence for a moment. So you go to the market and buy blades for your razor. You have this fancy 5 blade titanium coated cartridge that is costing you $10 for 2. This will last you anywhere from 1-2 weeks correct? Depending on how much you shave. How about spending $20 on 100 blades and getting them to last around a week. Sounds ideal right? It is. That can be you with a safety razor, those things that are pure metal and butterfly open to stick a single blade in. I own one of those. It broke so now I ponder another.

I've also thought, maybe I just try shaving with a straight razor. I watched a video on You-Tube and was scared beyond belief. How did the lineage of our family do such a thing. How could they put their life on the line while shaving their neck. One wrong move and your jugular is slashed. Scary. I wanna try it. The problem, like anything else the best versions are more expensive. I'm talking about $200 for a good one. Do I contact Sprint on a lease plan on a Dovo straight razor? I don't think my credit can handle such. Either way a $200 investment could last you a lifetime. You'll never have to get raked over the coals again at the grocery store. At least for razor's.

Anyway, my money will be set aside and I hope this works for me. Have you ever been curious? I mean how impressive to a lady would it be if she walked in on you mauling those whiskers with one? Maybe then you could maul her whiskers, that is if she is inclined muffily. That is totally not a word but its funny. Just food for thought, lets toughen up A-Murca. Lets be those solid figures our parents and grandparents were. Lets shave with a straight razor.

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