I supposed we are kind of pampered in this day and age with many stores and restaurants being open 24 hours. There are still a few I would like to see be open all day.

To me Stewart's is the obvious first thought on something you would want to be open 24 hours a day. For many reasons. For me I want it open for late night beer runs. Now yes many convenience stores are open 24 hours like Speedway but for me Speedway is 15 minutes away and I have multiple Stewart's about 5 minutes away.

Taco Bell. That is more on a national scale and they actually are open rather late. However who hasn't had that drunken stupor that made you crave a crunch wrap supreme at 4 AM. If Taco Bell was open you wouldn't have to worry about that anymore.

I personally would like to see the mall whether it be Crossgate's or Colonie Center be open 24 hours a day. Now this is different seeing as then you need dozens to hundreds of stores to agree upon that which probably won't happen. However if it did there are many jobs created and employment for more people which is never a bad thing.

What stores besides these would you like to see open 24 hours? Walmart maybe? Sure some are open that late but many are not. Your thoughts?