There's a new ban in areas of New York State!...Public indoor areas that is.  As reported by the New York Times, Governor Cuomo just gave his approval on Monday to ban electronic cigarettes in any area where cigarettes are banned.  That's right, anywhere cigarettes are prohibited, so is vaping.  Sorry to all the people who live the 'vap life' out there.  The bill was signed Monday, and becomes effective in only 30 days according to the

I know we all probably remember what it was like when cigarette smoking was allowed inside public places.  I remember waitressing tables between "smoking" sections of a restaurant and "non-smoking" sections.  I have to admit as someone who has asthma, I loved not having to work in clouds of cigarette smoke anywhere.  I'm pretty sure I developed my own smoker's cough at the time just from waitressing, as a non-smoker.  However, to me, electronic cigarettes have never done much harm.  I don't really notice their vapor, and in the occasional times that I do, it smells more fruity than anything.  But that's just me.  As for the long-term health effects? Who knows. I'd have to do some more research.

This type of ban isn't new to parts of New York State, and the New York Times offers a lot more detail in to the history of the law, and places in New York that have already dealt with it, including New York City.  What are your thoughts about it?