Poet Oscar Wilde once said "It is always with the best intentions that the worst work is done".

A New York woman is accused of unlawfully accepting raccoons at her home without proper licensing. New York State Department of Environmental (DEC) officials discovered five dead raccoons and a possum in and around her home. This is just the beginning of the story.

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In March, according to a press release, DEC officials received a report about a wildlife rehabilitator unlawfully accepting raccoons at her home in Nassau County. Following an investigation it was determined that this individual did not have the required rabies vector species license,

On March 21, 2024, DEC Officers discovered 5 dead raccoons and a possum in crates or in the garbage outside the home. Authorities also found a mourning dove and an eastern box turtle which are illegal to possess in New York State without permit.

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Eyewitnesses reported that raccoons would escape the residence and roam free in the rehabilitators vehicle. DEC officials indicate that the suspect had disposed of dead raccoons in residential garbage.

Many squirrels were found inside the home, which the suspect was permitted to have. The issue with the squirrels is that the rehabilitator failed to adhere to the required guidelines preventing the squirrels from becoming habituated to human contact.

Photo by Quentin Bounias on Unsplash
Photo by Quentin Bounias on Unsplash

Several notices were issued to the suspect:

  • Violation for illegal possession and transportation of rabies vector species
  • 2 counts of illegal possession of protected wildlife
  • Failure to comply with terms of a wildlife rehabilitator’s permit
  • The rehabilitator’s license is currently under review by DEC’s Division of Wildlife

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