Hadley local Rorie Susan Woods, 55, is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges after attacking deputies with a swarm of bees.

At approximately 9:15am on October 12, 2022, Woods drove a flatbed trailer holding thousands of honeybees into the driveway of a house in Longmeadow that was in the process of being evicted. In accordance with state law, the Sherrif's Civil Process Division was enforcing the court-ordered eviction at 49 Memery Lane, Longmeadow, MA where Woods promptly started to release the bees from their manufactured hives in an attempt to stop them. A deputy then jumped onto the flatbed in an effort to contain the bees (HCSD, Facebook).

Hampden County Sherrif's Department reports that Woods broke the lid off of one hive tower, resulting in the deputy getting stung numerous times on his head and face. She proceeded to flip the entire tower over the side of the flatbed, irritating the bees. This caused several Sherrif's Office employees to sustain injuries as they were repeatedly stung. Woods then put on a beekeeper suit and moved a different hive toward the home's front door. Fortunately, deputies were able to detain her and take her into custody before she was able to unleash any more bees (HCSD, Facebook).


Sherrif Nick Cocchi comments on the condition of his squad by saying,

[Woods] put lives in danger as several of the staff on the scene are allergic to bees. We had one staff member go to the hospital and luckily, he was alright, or she would be facing manslaughter charges. I support people’s right to protest peacefully but when you cross the line and put my staff and the public in danger, I promise you will be arrested. -Sheriff Nick Cocchi, Hampden County Sherrif's Department

After pleading not guilty and facing a judge, Woods has been charged with seven felonies and one misdemeanor. She was ultimately released without having to post bail and is expected back in court at a later date. (HCSD, Facebook)

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