I took Christmas in the face for 12 days last year for your entertainment and all I got for it is this blog, happy Christmas Throwback Thursday.

Day 12 is on our Youtube Channel, I did not post it because it's a bit longer then Day 11 and Day 12 did not go as planned so I ended it with me walking around the office with glitter all over my face harassing people.

I had a lot of fun making these videos and when people ask me why I don't make videos anymore for the Q, I tell them it's because I decided to let other people humiliate themselves for your entertainment but I don't think Vinnie knows he is humiliating himself and we all just feel sorry for Candace because it's not her fault.

Anyway i hope you enjoy watching me get hit in the face with stuff and sprayed in the face with stuff and if you think that this was humiliating for me, then you don't remember this:

I never feel completely humiliated because I am a Lions fan, Happy Holidays.



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