I can never recall a year in my life where ticks where more prevalent in the spring and summer seasons. Rensselaer County is subject to a lot of illnesses.

According to News Channel 13, Friday morning alone eight reports for tick borne diseases were filed. I myself worry about ticks where I live. I have a lot of wooded area surrounding me and every time I mow my lawn I check myself to make sure I have nothing.

It isn't an outbreak of lyme disease though. The disease being transmitted is called anaplasmosis. This is transmitted by a few different species of ticks. Both the Deer Tick and the Western Black Legged Tick. Warning signs to be aware of if you have been bitten by a tick, headaches, muscle pain, chills and a noticeable area where you where bitten.

This disease can thankfully can be treated with antibiotics in a span of roughly two weeks.

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