TMZ just released a video of 18 year old Miley Cyrus smoking from a glass pipe at a party at her Los Angeles home.  I'm sure this will go over real well with her Disney Channel image.


In this age of everything going viral and cell phone cams being just as good as a low end digital camcorder it blows my mind that young celebs still do this stuff and are surprised when everyone finds out.

Remember when that photo leaked of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps smoking from a glass pipe?  His popularity took a major hit and their were even talks of him giving back his medals.  I can imagine the backlash that will happen to Miley will not be pretty either.

Now it wasn't pot, it was the legal Salvia, which is basically just pot but watered down.  I'm not surprised that she is doing it she's 18 loaded with money and lets face it she could be doing a lot worse.  Her image with her young fans will probably take a big hit and parents will no doubt be upset but its not the end of the world.  To all you young celebs out there, before you decide to do something like this just make sure no one has there cell or flip cam out to bust you.