Raise your hand if you have already fallen victim to an April Fools Joke today. Being in the radio business, morning shows love to try and fool you.  I remember a time when a station went Spanish for the morning. 

This morning though, both my wife and kids tried to get me.  My wife says, are you going to snow blow the driveway? 8 inches of snow fell last night.  Of course this was at 6am and during my earlier bathroom break, I looked outside so I didn't fall for that.  Then while getting ready for work, my kids ran into the bedroom saying that the cat just got sick in their room.  Of course I fell for that one -they got me!

So consider this your public service announcement: Today is April Fools' Day. Aspiring pranksters are trying to find ideas  to trick their friends, co-workers, and  their sweet, innocent children.

Be careful today, those simple easy pranks are the ones most will fall for including myself.  It could even come as a simple text or Facebook post.

According to yahoo.com  Co-workers seem to be the most popular targets. Web searches on "how to trick coworkers" and "best April Fools Day office pranks" are both surging.  Some ideas on search that came up,  include tricking your co-workers into thinking that their computers have been equipped with speech-recognition technology.  (Watch them talk to their monitors like, well, fools.) Just remember that it's not a good idea to: a) make the victim cry, and b) do anything that will get you in trouble with HR.

Bottom line, trust no one today. Including companies they love the gullible public.  I recall the time there was a report that Big Ben in London was switching to digital.

Why does everyone lie, trick, and prank one another on the first day of April? Nobody knows- Maybe its just an old tradition that has been carried down from generation to generation.

I'd like to know your some of your April Fools Day tricks.  Comment them below.