Which occupations pay the most money in the Capital Region? Below you will find the Top 25 Highest Paying Occupations in Albany, Schenectady and Troy. Scroll through the list below to see how your job ranks or which one you might want to switch to.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated these estimated annual incomes based on data collected from employers in a wide variety of industry sectors in the metropolitan area. The most recent survey was conducted in May of 2021 and this is what they found.

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Before we get into the highest paying occupations, lets take  look at some of the jobs on the opposite end of the scale to give you perspective. It feels like these should pay much more but this is what the research shows.

  • Manicurist - $28,000
  • School Bus Monitor - $30,000
  • Short-Order Cook - $33,000
  • Funeral Attendant - $35,000
  • Pre-School Teacher - $38,000
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I said we would rank the Top 25 Highest Paid Occupations in the Capital Region but, as you will see, we actually have listed nearly 40 different occupations along with the annual salary for each.

Which occupations pays the most? Many would guess doctor, lawyer or financial planner to be #1, 2 and 3 but you might be surprised as you see occupations on the list you may not have considered.

Top 25 Highest Earning Occupations In the Capital Region

If you are thinking of changing professions, going to school or just want to make a bunch of money, here are the Top 25 Highest Earning Occupations in the Albany, Troy, Schenectady area of New York State. In other words, these jobs pay the most.

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