So as I embark on paying off a car loan (first time I've done that), It got me to thinking, What are some of the best feelings. While asking co-workers I realized a mans list is drastically different.

Now yes we all have different feelings but for the most part I bet we share these in common. Mind you these are in no sort of order.

  1. Pooping: Every man enjoys a good dump. Wake up in the morning, have a strong cup of coffee followed 10 minutes later by a remarkable feeling. A feeling of release, or maybe floodgates opening. Either way a lightening feeling. Ever take a duke so big your pants fit better?
  2. Sex: Now this one of course I bet both men and women agree with. That is unless your a nun. Even they may think sex feels good. Either way that feeling of warmth and slipperiness is one that cannot be beaten. I mean if its beaten then its not sex. I digress.
  3. Driving Fast: Now I am not advocate of driving fast. It is Illegal and dangerous as well. But man, go on YouTube and watch a video of someone in a McLaren at full throttle. If they aren't smiling or laughing then they have no sense of feeling.
  4. Sleeping: A basic necessity of life. I mean sure you could stay up for days on end. Who wants that when you can dream about insanely hot women begging at your feet. Just saying.
  5. Drinking: Now I drink quite often. I do indeed love it. It relaxes you and as long as your responsible and to get too hammed up it can be funny.

So there is my list, have any feelings you think are better? I bet ya do. Leave a comment below with it. Female edition of this to come next week.