Ma Nature might be a little rough on us today, however, the next couple of days are looking pretty choice...

If you haven't had a chance to step outside yet today beware when you do because the heat and humidity right now are like a punch to the face with that first step out. That being said, it looks like the current weather outside mixed with some crazy storms heading our way may make for a bit of an interesting evening.

If you were planning on partaking in any outdoor activities tonight you may want to rethink that game plan or at least reschedule. According to News10, we can expect to pretty much run the storm gauntlet tonight here in the Capital Region because severe storms are coming and could bring everything from thunder, lightning, rain, hail, and possibly even a tornado! In fact, there is a tornado watch in effect for northwestern counties until 9pm tonight.

On the upside, once the weather clears the rest of the week is looking pretty spectacular.

Stay safe out there tonight!