Looks like there's some troublemakers in the Capital Region.

We landed on a "Top-50" list for schools in Upstate New York- and not a great one.  Apparently, some Capital Region schools are among the Top 50 in Upstate New York for suspension rates.  According to newyorkupstate.com, suspension rates are used to 'grade' schools by New York State, and the rates are made public by the Department of Education.  Newyorkupstate.com then posted a list of their own, and I saw some familiar names!  Among the Top 50 for highest suspension rates were:

#49: Gloversville High School

#30: Cohoes High School

#22: Troy High School

#20 Heatly School (Green Island)

#17: Lansingburgh Senior High School

#10: Schenectady High School with about a whopping 21 suspensions per 100 students

What are your thoughts on having so many schools in the Top 50???