This is a weekly go to for so many, not only in Troy but from all around the area. Have some opinions? Now you can voice them.

Troy is a city with such a rich history, but hell.. Such a horrible reputation. Many are scared to even go into Troy due to the negative opinions many have and have shared. These are bogus in many way. I will always defend Troy. I will always say, like every other city, of course it has bad neighborhoods. Still a beautiful city.

Now that that is out of the way, one of the huge positives about Troy is the Farmers Market that according to the Times Union attracts 15,000 people weekend in and weekend out. They will be hosting a meeting which you are able to attend this Wednesday at the Franklin Plaza just a block away from where the market is held.

This is meant to hear feedback and talk about the future of the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market. The meeting is happening fro 5-7 p.m. this Wednesday.

More info from the Times Union here.

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