Troy City School District has announced publicly that there will be an active shooter training exercise held this Friday, 3/16/18, at Troy High School.  No students will be involved in this drill, and school is going to be closed that day.  The drill is scheduled for 8 am to noon, and is going to involve a number of agencies, from local to state level, as well as Troy High School staff.  The announcement also notes that there will be a number of emergency vehicles in the area due to the drill from police cars to fire trucks.  So, don't be alarmed if you see this.

I'm all for being prepared, and with the unfortunate events that have played out in national news in schools, I am particularly glad that this training exercise is being done.  That being said, it's also disheartening at the same time to have to even have these drills.  As a nurse, I know the importance of always preparing for the worst.  Hopefully, the preparation will never have to be used.