I feel like this is a scene straight out of a B rated horror film!

**UPDATE 2**  WNYT is now reporting that the deer tested positive for rabies. Yikes! The health department says the victim is undergoing rabies treatments. They want anyone else who may have come into contact with the animal to contact them at 518-270-2655.


***Update*** according to the Times Union the buck is no longer a threat,

The buck died at the west end of Van Buren Street within site of the Hudson River. Rick Georgeson, a spokesman for DEC Region 4, said the animal was dead when a conservation officer recovered it.  A necropsy of the deer will be performed to determine its cause of death

the buck apparently did a number on the poor mans face giving him a black eye and a gash that required multiple stitches.


Red Deer Graze In Glen Etive
Jeff J Mitchell /Getty Images

Oh man, I can not imagine what was going through this mans head as this all unfolded but thank goodness for an observant neighbor coming to the rescue!

It seems like deer sightings around the Capital Region are a pretty normal thing. I mean our studios are in the Pine Bush so we see them pretty regularly around here and I for one have been surprised by them in our parking lot on more than one occasion, sometimes in broad daylight, over the last couple of months. However, they have all seemed to be doe's or fawns that are generally more scared and startled by you than you are of them but it does seem that they are getting more accustomed to people being in their terrain.

Only on man in Troy had quite a different experience with a deer last night. According to News10 quite a few people had seen a 10-point buck roaming through a Troy neighborhood yesterday and they snapped a picture and just let him go on his way. Except for one man who has somehow got cornered by the buck in his own backyard and was literally attacked by him.

Luckily for the man an observant neighbor happened to be driving down the ally behind his house and saw the attack going on which caused him to spring into action and open the gate and pull the man away from the deer!

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Apparently the deer is still on the loose so if you happen to see him in your neighborhood you may just want to let him do his thing!