The made-for-TV movie 'Off the Rails,' formally known as 'Derailed,' filmed in and around the Capital Region makes it's television premier this weekend.

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Back in October of 2016, we told you about a "low-budget feature film" being shot at Russell Sage College in Troy. At the time not a whole lot was known about the film except that it was to be called 'Derailed' and it was about:

A woman who survives a train derailment that causes her to lose her memory and her hunt to track the mystery of her former self.

Starring Hannah Barefoot and Thomas Beaudoin and directed by David Jackson. At the time filing was going on, it was said that the cast and crew liked their filming location so much that they actually altered the story line-

To happen in the Albany-Troy area and make the lead character a professor at Russell Sage.

Now thanks to the TU, we know that the film is actually a Lifetime movie and you will be able to see the final product this Sunday, March 26 at 8 p.m. when it premieres on the Lifetime Movie Network.

If you want a little preview, the trailer can be seen by clicking HERE.