Talk about a real hidden treasure story. Two million dollars in gold bars were recently dug up in Queensbury. Sadly, there wasn't a Goonies style hunt, but rather this was a drug bust a few years in the making.

33-year-old Eric Canori of Wilton was arrested following a 2009 marijuana ring that was busted.  Police seized  380 pounds of the sticky and 2.5 million dollars in cash. Canori forfeited 3.25 million in cash to go along with the hidden treature of 2 million dollars in gold bars that were burried in Queensbury.

The gold bars are said to be part of a plea deal and Canior may face up to 40 years in prison.  Imagine that - you are out poking around and you dig up two million bucks worth of gold.  Not that I condone that whole obstruction of justice charge, but man - that is how I would handle finding the money  - "what gold?"