Oooooooh I'm super excited to try some new pre-show eats in Clifton Park.

You know, I don't get out to Clifton park as often as I'd like to and I think I need to do something about that. When I do though it's usually either to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist or to catch a show at Upstate Concert Hall and you know I try to catch as many shows as I can.

I find that ahead of shows, especially a weeknight show, I'm always looking for a place to grab a bite to eat before hand because there's not always time to run home after work to grab something and still get to the show on time. It felt like for a few years there our options in Clifton Park (at least west of the Northway on 146) was limited to a few options.

Well, times they are a changing and the area is growing and with that growth are some new dining options in Clifton Park whether it be for for some pre-show eats, date night, or dinner out with friends.


A couple of new spots have opened in the last few months. According to the TU last spring KCaffe, a new Chinese restaurant, opened in Town Plaza that offers your standard Chinese and Thai dishes along with bubble tea, smoothies and fresh juices.


In late October Sushi Prime 88 Japanese Grill & Sushi opened up at 300 Clifton Corporate Pkwy. (basically in the same parking lot as KCaffe) and offers a traditional Japanese menu but boasts an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet and a large a-la-carte menu.

As if two new dining options weren't enough it looks like a Moroccan restaurant called Marrakesh will be opening at Clifton Park Center in the near future. Although no specific details on when that opening may be have been made public yet.