Good news! Thanks to the help of the Capital Region Charles the Emu is now safe at home at the Berkshire Bird Paradise!

Earlier this week we told you how a curious Emu living at the Berkshire Bird Paradise in Rensselar County managed to wonder out of his enclosure during some construction at his home.

For the last few days the entire Capital Region has been keeping their eyes peeled for Charles sightings in hopes of finding him safe and returning him home. The staff at the Bird Paradise said that Charles was harmless and super friendly and that in fact you could even walk up and pet and feed him they were just really worried that he would get hit by a car or become prey for wild dogs in the area.

Well, good news came this morning when the folks over at the Berkshire Bird Paradise sent me a message letting me know that after quite a few sightings over the last couple of days Charles has been found and is now safe at home at the Bird Paradise. Apparently he was found on Babcock Lake Road near Fox Hollow Road.

Now that Charles is home, safe, and a bit of celebrity the Berkshire Bird Paradise says that all are welcome to come and visit him and say "Hi"!

Berkshire Bird Paradise
Berkshire Bird Paradise

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