Apparently the fun doesn't even stop once you hit the parking lot ... that is until your caught and arrested.

Look I get it, sometimes it's exciting to get down to business in places other than the bedroom. Maybe they were trying to spice up their sex life or maybe the mood just hit them. However, in the back of a pickup truck, in broad daylight, in the middle of a parking lot at a busy water park may have not been the best laid plan.

Which a couple out of Herkimer found out when they were caught doing just that this weekend at Enchanted Forest Water Safari, you know, "Where the fun never stops!" ha ha. According to our sister station in Utica, the two were apparently gettin' busy in full view of several nearby restaurants and pedestrians. Someone called the authorities who found the couple still in the act.

The male in the situation was arrested and arraigned and given an appearance ticket for public lewdness. The woman on the other hand wasn't so willing to be punished and after trying to run from the cops and actually kicking one in the stomach was sent to the Herkimer County jail on $2,500 bail and is now facing charges of public lewdness, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Judging by her mug shot and his online activity it looks like the two aren't too bent out of shape by the arrest or their new found fame in Upstate New York for that matter.

Next time guys maybe you take it back to the bedroom or at least somewhere a little more secluded.

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