I'm sorry but I saw this today and literally laughed out loud!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we told you about Upstate New York''s Animal Adventure Park Live Streaming a giraffe birth? Well April the giraffe, who has still has yet to give birth, has captivated pretty much the entire world for the last few weeks while we patiently await her calf's arrival.

Well apparently people are running out of patience waiting for April to pop and one expectant mother originally from Upstate New York has taken to the book of the face to openly mock April's delayed delivery. Call me a terrible person if you will but when I saw the video this morning I totally burst out laughing to myself.

It has been weeks, weeks, we have been watching this live stream! C'mon April! You can do it! If you don't get the reference in the video watch the live stream for a few minutes...