Apparently this is not the first time he has been unable to find his car after a show for an extended period of time.

Dude, seriously how does this even happen? I mean once I could kind of understand but to go through this on multiple occasions and do it once in another country, I think I'd be done driving for good.

So Metallica are out oh their Hardwired World Tour right now and this past weekend happened to be playing a show in Toronto. So with Upstate New York being so close to Canada I would fully expect a few Upstate New Yorker's would attend the show. One such Upstate New Yorker happened to be a 19 year old kid from the 'Cuse.

According to the kid made it across the U.S. Canadian border, found a parking garage, parked his car, then took a cab to the show. However, after the show ended the teenager couldn't remember where he parked his car. Since this wasn't the first time he left a show and couldn't remember where he parked his ride, he apparently spent hours looking for his car and even slept on benches before finally calling his parents and fessing up.

His parents told him not to come home to the U.S. without a car, but even with assistance from the Toronto Police, after a couple of days he remained unsuccessful in his search. So his parents finally relented and bought him a bus ticket home.

Once home they decided to post a Craigslist add asking for help from the good people of Toronto. Naturally our friends to the North stepped up and as of this morning the ad has been updated to say that the car has been found! The young mans parents even made a donation in the name of the woman who located the vehicle to a charity of her choice to thank her.

While I'm glad it all worked out in the end I have a feeling that Uber and Lyft are going to become this kids best friend for the foreseeable future.