Remember the days before cell phone cameras?  We had to load film and "rewind" our cameras once the film was used.  Wait a week to see our blurry shots. With technology where it is today, we can take photos and upload them to social media sites in seconds from anywhere - even baseball games.  The Valley Cats are getting on the technology band wagon for promotions with Social Media Monday!

Monday night as your first place Cats take on the Connecticut Tigers,  the Cats will be participating with you on Social Media Monday.  Using your phone at the game, you can partake in their promotions.  They're found onFacebook and Twitter.  

I'm not sure about the promotions they'll have on Monday, but I was able to use my phone and get in on the action last week.  I saw a post on their Facebook page asking fans to upload photos of themselves at the game to their Facebook wall.  The team would select their favorite photo and that fan wins a prize.  Wouldn't you know it, ol' Monte saw his mug on the scoreboard in the outfield during the game because he was selected to win a $25 gift card to the 99 Resturant.  Score, free dinner for my friends and I!  I didn't need to drop my photos off at the drug store for a week either.

Monte Q103

Technology is amazing these days.  I can't believe we can interact with baseball teams from our phone during a game and win promotions. Insane.  If you want to check out Social Media Monday, tickets are on-sale now and range from $5.50-10.50 if you get them in advance.  Tough to beat a nice night out in the area for less than 11 bucks, right?  Who knows, you might win a prize with your phone!  What is the craziest ap you have on your phone - what could blow Monte's 1980s brain away?

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