If you're lucky enough to have the day off tomorrow, or perhaps you have been stricken with a case of the Monday's, why not head out to the Joe and check out the Valley Cats take on the Auburn DoubleDays.  The Cats will have a special start time for the Monday, August 1st game - 11:00 AM.

The Valley Cats are having Camp and Senior day on Monday with a special first pitch time of 11:00 AM.  Though I'm neither  a camper nor retired, it's a great day to take off from the office and check out some early morning baseball.   Mother nature can be tricky, but at the moment I see 30% chance of rain and 80 degrees- I'll take it!

Just a season removed from winning the New York-Penn League title, the Cats are sitting in last place in the Stedler division at 17-25.  Luckily for the Cats, despite the record, they are only five games out of the division lead.  The Cats might get on a roll and sneak back into the playoffs.  With ticket prices ranging between $6-11, spending your Monday cheering on tomorrow's stars today seems like a dandy idea to me!  Have you had the chance to see any games this season?

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