Apparently, according to News Channel 13, Vermont lawmakers are considering a proposed bill that would allow towns to classify marijuana odor as a public nuisance. That would then make it a legal offense for which you could receive a ticket.  According to News Channel 13, it's not legal to use marijuana in any public places in Vermont.  The proposed bill would possibly give control over private property as well.

Now, I lived in Burlington for 6 years of my life, on and off.  I lived there when the city of Burlington outlawed cigarette smoking on Church St.- the main shopping stretch and 'outdoor mall.'  All I can say is good luck trying to enforce regulating marijuana odor.  I can't speak for the rest of Vermont, but in a city full of college kids, arts, and it's fair share of punk and jam music, I foresee a lot of issues.  Also, how do you even regulate odor?! How do you prove it?  Is there a measure to that?  If someone smells like marijuana, would they automatically qualify to be ticketed? I need something tangible with this. Because really, anyone who's ever been to a live music show will know that just being around marijuana makes you smell.  It's one of the most potent smells out there!

All I picture coming from this if it passes is a lot more revenue for the state from tickets, and a jump in sales for air freshener and body spray.