Tuesday November 7, 2023 is Election Day! New York State polls will be open until 9pm as residents from Buffalo to Binghamton and Manhattan to Malta cast votes for County Executives, Mayoral Candidates as well as two constitutional amendment proposals that are on the ballot.

Support for a candidate is most visible in the political signs dotting the landscape but do those signs have an expiration date? Soon enough the signs will be gone, if not you could be breaking the law.

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In accordance with New York State Division of Election Law Enforcement, political signs are protected under the free speech provisions of the United States and New York State Constitutions. However, in your hometown you could be breaking the law by not only posting these signs but by leaving them up too long.

Each local New York State government may have their own regulations on campaign signs. So posting any signs on public property falls under the jurisdiction of the town, county and other local governments.

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Here are some examples. In the town of Colonie, New York any political signs must be removed within 30 days after the election. In the city of Troy, New York no more than 2 political signs may be displayed on any one property and must be removed within 14 days of Election Day.

New York State Department of Transportation have their set of rules as well:

  • Signs are not to be placed on the right-of-way of any controlled-access or expressway
  • Signs should not get in the way of workers maintaining the roadside
  • Signs should not cause a sight-distance problem or interfere with safe traffic movement
  • Signs should not be placed in a median or traffic island-type area

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