For life-long winter sports fans, Warren Miller is an institution.  Before action sports movies were mainstream, and production companies like Teton Gravity existed, there was Warren Miller.

For decades, Warren Miller and his production company have released films, highlighting the world of winter sports, the fun of the 'ski bum', the beauty of the mountain, and the adrenaline of big air and chutes.  His movies have become an institution for skiers and snowboarders alike, looking forward to the annual Fall movie tour to enjoy a premiere, score some freebies and giveaways, and get hyped for the season.

This year, the newest release "Timeless" made a tour stop at the Palace Theatre.  Celebrating the 70th anniversary (that's right, these films have been a tradition for as long as you can think), "Timeless" was full of everything from good music and good turns.  Anyone who got tickets and showed up automatically scored some free winter stuff just by walking through the door, and  even more giveaways happened around intermission.  The Palace Theatre was packed (more people than the last rock show I went to there) and the crowd was ready for winter.

Just in time too, since it seems like winter is here in full force.  Locally, mountains have opened already from Hunter Mountain (some icy clips of Hunter were actually in the film) to Gore to Whiteface.  While I love checking out rock shows at the Palace, I did grow up as a ski racer and seeing the winter sports events there is just as much fun too.  Are you planning on hitting the slopes this  year?  And where?

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