The industrial chemical PFOA - responsible for all of the drinking water troubles over the past year in local areas like Hoosick Falls and Bennington, VT - was recently measured at higher levels near Colonie. According to the Times Union, water measured from a pipe that drains the Colonie Town Landfill had PFOA levels measured at 68 parts per trillion.

Now, this pipe according to the Times Union drains into the Mohawk River. On top of that, the cutoff level for safe drinking water is 70 parts per trillion of PFOA. I know admittedly not a whole lot about this, but 68 and 70 seem like pretty close numbers to me. However, it's only one test, and I DO know a lot about the scientific method and evidence, so I'll be interested to see what future tests show. The testing came as a result of Colonie wanting to double the size of its landfill along the Mohawk River, with some surrounding towns opposing the plan and requesting water testing.

It's good to see the testing being done, and people being pretty on top of this.  Unfortunately, Hoosick Falls has had to deal with the fallout from PFOA and it's something that's not brand new to the Capital District region.  I even have family members in Bennington who have dealt with this and had to get all new water filters, after spending months of having to drink bottled water. I know I'll be following the news on this. What are your thoughts?

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