My entire life I have attended a Super Bowl Party because I am an American, first it was my parents Super Bowl Party now it's my friends Super Bowl Party and I always try to bring something fun!

Super Bowl
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Wow look at that Super Bowl!

Anyway, I like to bring fun things to the Super Bowl party I have been going to for the past twenty years, everyone always brings something delicious or relevant to the party, one of my friends brings real Anchor Bar Wings from Buffalo, last year there was a Ruben.

Usually I bring drinks because I don't have the time to make anything special and my can't cook, she can barely order me a sandwich. When I am not in charge of drinks I bring something fun, like one year I brought all junk food: Three boxes of Twinkies and other Hostess cakes.

This year I have decided to bring something that will reflect my opinion of Tom Brady.

This year I am going to bring Sherbet and Sugar Cookies as seen in the Disney Classic Pollyanna:

Because Tom Brady is a little girl like Pollyanna.

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