Over the weekend the guards at the Albany County Jail got into some hot water for not securing doors when an inmate tries to escape. 


You would think that if you worked at jail you would lock doors behind you.  Not at the Albany County Jail.  They apparently have an open door policy.  An escape attempt was avoided, but it's not going without punishment.  One guard has already been suspended, and Albany County Sheriff  Craig Apple has bashed the rest of the prison staff.

44 year old inmate Leon Banks was the guy who tried to escape.  He was in the medical center when it all went down.  He was suppose to go back to his cell, but instead decided to take a detour.  He made it through three doors - all are suppose to be locked. The escape plan almost worked.  He even changed into regular cloths.

The odd thing about the whole thing is that the first door that Banks got through locks automatically.  It would have to be left open for someone without access to get through.  Something smells fishy.