On the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, the guys played a game to decide what candy, is the World Heavyweight Champion of Halloween candy, Kit Kat bars won, and I disagree, but I want to know what America thinks?


Here is a little song to put you in the mood, while you think about what your favorite candy is.

My favorite Halloween candy as a kid was Milk Duds and Charleston Chew, but as I got older, I did not like the feeling of caramel or whatever the 'Chew' is, in Charleston Chew.

As I got older, I became what is known as a 'Snicker picker.'

Now that I am all grown up, my favorite Halloween candy is Sam Adams Octoberfest.

I don't like Smarties, and especially Canadian Smarties, because they are bigger then American Smarties. I used to use Smarties as currency when I was a kid and trade them for chocolate stuff.

I like Peanutbutter Cups, but I've noticed something strange over the years, I think that Peanutbutter Cups are for girls, I always notice that most women prefer them, and one time I tried using them as a pick-up-line.

It did not work, but they took the candy.

Regardless of what your favorite candy is, remember: Halloween is the real American holiday, because only in America, you can pay to enable childhood obesity and hand it out for free.




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