New York, I know, but that is not what I mean. What is the Capital Region famous for that would make the Capital Region the Capital of that famous thing?

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We can't say that we are the Uncle Sam Capital because I feel that Troy doesn't do a very good job celebrating that fact to begin with.

I would not want the Capital Region to be the Capital of any person because the famous people who come from the Capital Region are people that I would rather have the rest of the world not know came from the Capital Region, except for Brian Lashoff.

We can not be the Lark Street Capital although most people who live in and around Lark Street seem to think that Lark Street is the Capital of the world until they move to Brooklyn.

I am pretty sure that Kentucky has Saratoga beat on the Horse Racing thing, although I think they wear sillier hats in Saratoga.

We are not the Egg Capital just because we have a really big egg that is not a real egg.

I would not call the Capital Region the Tech Capital because I would imagine we would have cooler gadgets or talking traffic lights or something cooler.

We can not be the Capital of: Cheese, Beef, Pork, Lobster, Sea Food, Porn, Movies, Politics, Gambling, Prostitution, Boats, Rivers, Lakes, Using Capital Letters, Music, Oranges, Apples, Peaches or any kind of food really unless we invent some new food and have a festival about it.

I am pretty sure that we can all agree that Schenectady does not have to step up and try to be famous for anything to draw attention to its existence.

In Conclusion: I don't care if we're not famous for anything. I hate tourists.




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