We know what our advice is -- how much different is yours?

Here it goes: Ignore the haters.

It seems like people who don't even live in Schenectady will be the first to tell you how horrible it is. Honestly though, is it really that bad?

Sure, my bike was stolen in the Stockade, but that could happen anywhere (...right?) The key to living in Schenectady -- or anywhere really -- is to not let the negative stuff overtake you, and to try to find the good in that place.

I was one of those people who kind of dreaded moving to Schenectady because of the bad rap it had, but the longer I've lived there and the more I've explored, the more I've realized it's actually a pretty cool place.

Schenectady has:

Rooftop Bars

Credit: Jess Hudson

Nature Preserves

Credit: Jess Hudson

Beautiful Parks

Credit: Jess Hudson

Plus, a really happenin' downtown. I recently discovered a tiny improv theater which is my new favorite place, as well as a Sunday farmer's market that takes over Jay Street/Proctors.

There is a lot to love about Schenectady. Our advice for the soon-to-be Schenectadian is give it a chance, and discover all of the hidden gems it has to offer.