In 2016, many of politicians flocked to Albany in seek of voters to hop aboard their bandwagon. Many have yet to pay their debt for services rendered.

In fact the only politician that has paid his bill is one that never even made it to the election. That would be John Kasich. However he probably had the smaller of all the bills. A bill of $900 was paid to Albany. When it comes to our next president Donald Trump. Well that's where the story takes a turn..

Trump in his trip to Albany racked up a total of $56,405 for his use of our proud men and women in blue of the Albany PD. That has yet to be paid. Hilary Clinton compiled a debt of $14,590, also yet to be paid. Bernie Sanders owes $8,400. Why is it that the upper echelon of candidates that ran for president haven't paid their due? John Kasich had this to say..

"Campaigns often times put up fights over bills like this, but we will be fighting back hard because this is money, this is an extra cost to the city," TIMES UNION.

So, my question becomes, how will Albany seek payment if any payment is ever received? Well, it involves lawyers and so on. So then even more money gets spent. Quite controversial. My question becomes especially with the statement of Republican Kasich, how many other cities across the country besides Albany haven't received payment? It is reported three dozen municipalities are in the same boat.

For instance what they pay for are all the cops on scene of their speeches. Barricades used that are property of the City of Albany. The massive amount of fine officers present for one. All of these hard working men and women of some working early and late hours. That is something they will never forget. Now pay your damn bills!!!


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