Has anyone else noticed all the flashing street lights on Washington Ave Ext near Home Depot, Walmart and Crossgates Mall?

I was driving home last week and at first I thought someone behind me was flashing their brights at me, or a cop was pulling me over....which wouldn't surprise me at all because of the way I drive. However, it wasn't either of those. It was the overhead street lights flashing off and on. They were almost pulsing to the Van Halen I was listening to on Q1057.

The first time I noticed it there were two or three street lights flashing, over the next few days more and more started doing it. Suddenly my drive home was looking more like a rave....but with WAY better music. Here's a video of what I'm talking about, shot through my dirty windshield. Oh, and before someone starts busting my chops about filming while driving, a friend was shooting the video from my Jeep.

After doing some research...ya know Google, Reddit, YouTube....it looks like it's a known issue with the new LED streetlights that cities are installing to save money on electricity costs. They are more efficient and brighter than the old style, but more sensitive to power surges or outages and that is what is apparently causing the issue.

Here's an extreme example of this problem that happened in Johnson City, NY back in February.

So what can you do if you see this issue? Go to www.seeclickfix.com and report the issue so the city can investigate the issue and fix it.