Ok, I get it. It is Halloween season. Despite all hallows eve being a month away all across the US clowns are popping up everywhere. I want to know why?

With that said many people are seeing clowns all over the capital region. From Latham out to Amsterdam and Clifton Park too. But why? Maybe people in make-up going to one of the haunted farm/hayride destinations? If so why are there so many? Also why hasn't this been as publicized in previous years?

Now I am not one of those people who is scared of clowns but the way many of them look today its hard not to be scared. I mean many of them aren't the five year old happy and jolly birthday clowns. They all seem to be disturbing and frightening John Wayne Gacy type clowns. Yet again, why?

I am less scared of the clowns themselves but more fearful for someone who is really scared or has a massive phobia and may end up hurting one of these people. I mean hey, if you get surprised by and are scared of clowns it is very likely that you may hit one or tackle them which in turn may cause them harm. Either way, can someone shed some light on why this is a thing this Halloween season and not in ones past?