Can you believe it? The first day of spring 2022 is less than a week away! This week we have flirted with 70 degrees, but haven't quite made it. When will it happen?

Tuesday, March 29, 2024. If you are dreary from another Upstate New York winter, that is a date you have circled in red ink on your calendar: the first day of Spring 2024. While we did not get a ton of snow this winter, it was still winter in New York and I think we are all ready for the spring thaw.

Already this month, we have had some mild temps and have come oh-so close to the magical number of 70 degrees. It looks like we will just miss it this week - so when could it happen?

When Will Albany's First 70 Degree Day Be?

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According to the Weather Channel, the average first date of 70-degree temperatures in Syracuse is April 2nd. So outside of a few-degree shift, we can pretty much assume Albany's average first 70-degree day will be right in the wheelhouse of that early April date. And if you are thinking of even warmer, summer-like temperatures, the Weather Channel says our average date to hit 80 degrees is April 26th.

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