At what point in your life does it become "time" to take out your piercing(s) for good?

I've been thinking about this one for awhile now.  I have had my tongue pierced since I was 18 years old because legally you had to be an adult to get it done without a parent or guardian and my mom was definitely not about it when I was young."You'll scar your body for life" she'd say. But being young, rebellious, and punk rock **rolls eyes** as soon as I was of age I went out and got my tongue pierced.

I'm not gonna lie when I say I loved every second of it! The adrenaline rush of actually getting the piercing done, gauging it out several sizes bigger, and even hiding it from my mom for several months after the fact ha! I don't really know the exact reasoning behind it being my favorite piercing but it definitely was and to be honest, still is? Maybe it's because it was the in thing at the time? Or that it made me feel older and edgy. I'll tell you this though, it has felt like it has been a big part of defining me for quite sometime.

However, as I've gotten a little older I've been wondering a bit to myself "when is it going to be time for me to remove my tongue ring, for good?" I mean, I may not be a kid anymore but I don't really feel like there is an age limit for piercings and luckily for me it's never been a work place issue. So at what point does it become time to take your piercing out for good?

I'll tell you when. When you go to the dentist (or Doctors) and they tell you to. As a kid I probably would have scoffed at that statement but as an "adult" (and I use that term loosely) when you hear them tell you that if you keep it in its going to eventually cause your gums to recede from you teeth and lead to not only bone loss but eventual loss of teeth. You take that as your sign.

So #RIP to my favorite piercing. We had a good run. It's only been a couple of hours and I may feel incomplete now but that will fade in time. At this point healthy gums and teeth must take priority. Thanks for the good times.



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