How do you like your chicken wings?

Everyone has their preference, and on Saturday, October 1st, you'll be able to sample a large variety and ultimately vote for your favorite wing at Saratoga's 5th Annual Wing Off, presented by Bailey’s Saratoga and Discover Saratoga

Ranch or Bleu Cheese?

There is nothing like sitting at the bar inside your favorite pub or tavern, ordering up some wings, and waiting for that server to bring them out.  First, the aroma hits you, sometimes your eyes may tear up from the heat, and your mouth always waters from the excitement of the first bite.

barbecue chicken wings close up on wooden tray
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Some of us may prefer flat wings over drumsticks, extra crispy over extra saucy, and some may choose a dry rub with no sauce at all. Heck, some of y'all heathens even dip wings in Ranch dressing!

Whatever your favorite style is, they'll be plenty for you to sample, try, and enjoy at the Wing-Offf, and here's how it works according to a Facebook page promoting the event.

Wing lovers will have the opportunity to try $2 wing samples from participating Saratoga County establishments.  The restaurants will determine how many wings each guest is allowed to sample, so as hard it may be, don't make a complete piggy out of yourself.

The judges will vote for their favorites based on two different categories.

One award will be given out to the People's Choice winner, and another will go to the Wildest Wing or most creative.

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings
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All voting will take place online. Winners will be announced via social media on Saturday, October 1.

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