I don’t know why, but I was thinking about the old Star Market this morning, the one that used to be across the street from Latham Ford where the Dollar General is now. I googled it and all that I found was a blog from the Times Union in 2010.

My memory of the Star Market in Latham is very vague. My mother used to take me there in the 80’s when I was just an annoying little boy who liked to look at the pictures on cereal boxes. I still do that, but now I am an annoying old creep, so I don’t linger for as long as I used to.

My strongest memory about the Star Market is the smell. It always smelled like deli and paper Bags to me. That particular smell is significant because I don’t recall any other Grocery Store or Supermarket smelling like deli and paper bags and makes me kind of sad.

My only other memories of the Star Market was the Deli Counter with all the jars of pickles and pickled things. I want to say that there was a bakery with some of the sweetest smelling baked goods, but I can’t remember if it was the Star Market or Edwards. One thing I can definitely remember for sure is obsessing over a box of Mr. T cereal while I was there and one of the workers encouraging me to give them my best Mr. T impression. To this day my Mr. T impression is still terrible and must be a fool whom deserves the pity.

I can’t possibly be doing the memory of the Star Market any justice because I remember so little about it, I hope that the true Capital Region natives can share their memories of the Star Market with us.

One more memory, they had baskets. 

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