Wearing socks with sandals has been the bane of the modern footwear existence, but what is the real problem with wearing socks with sandals, and who does that?

Socks & Sandals
Socks & Sandals

Candace wears socks with sandals, and now I know what kind of socks she wears, but is it really that bad?

My problem with wearing socks with sandals is that I can't stand wet socks, and it's raining today so Candace may end up with soggy socks to go with her sandals. I say better her than me.

I still don't understand the problem with wearing socks with sandals, and I feel silly for harassing so many people who have. In this day and age, people show off a lot more than just their feet, and some people have really nice socks. I am not into feet, but some people probably have really nice feet.

If socks were not meant to be seen, then we would not make them into puppets.

Moral of the blog is: Get over it and keep your socks dry- don't be like Candace. Then again, she may enjoy wearing soggy socks, I don't know. I am not from where ever she is.