This could be your time to shine in the fashion world.... but seriously, you know you've done it.  I don't know one person who HASN'T rocked this look.  The look I'm talking about?  Here's a visual:

The lower part of men's feet in white socks and sandals
Credit: Mykola Komarovskyy/Thinkstock

Socks with sandals.  According to a post by News 10 abc, socks with sandals are taking on the world of high fashion and were apparently even a part of shows during 'fashion week.'  Basically, luxury brands are yet again stealing the look of tourists, dads, and comfort connoisseurs.  Not that we haven't seen this before, with "dirty jeans' that cost about $400, or the comeback of the fanny pack (which I just generally wear, fashionable or not).  So for everyone who is all about comfort- stay true to yourselves!  Eventually the 'look' you're rocking will probably become high fashion.