That sounds like an excellent prize.

Indiana is doing something strange, and I like it. They've partnered with Indiana Pork, which represents hog farmers, to make a new scratch off lotto game, reports WTHR.

The game itself does seem to allow you to win cash, though most of the wording says how long you'll earn bacon for. By the way, I'm not totally opposed to moving to a bacon based currency system. Then I can finally put my money where my mouth is, and your money as well.

If you feel like no one can put a price on how much bacon you'll eat in any amount of time and just see this as an only sort of bacon connected lotto ticked, worry not. The tickets are also scratch and sniff. I knew that technology would make a comeback someday, and that it would be used for good.

Now I'm not saying head to Indiana and start buying lotto tickets, half the point of lotto is to keep money local so it can go to things like schools., because gambling is fine, as long as it's for the kids. What I'm saying is how are we, New York state, allowing ourselves to be one up'd by Indiana? Come on lotto, get with the bacon.

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