Comedian Kathleen Madigan plays the Egg in Albany next week and the Q wants to send you to the show!

How would you like the Q send you out next week for an evening filled laughter? If that sounds like a fun party to you then this week you might want to make sure you are rocking with the Q on the job because we have got your chance to see comedian Kathleen Madigan at the Egg in Albany!

The show goes down next Thursday, March 22nd and if you want to go you can either purchase your tickets by clicking here or ...

You can listen to the Q all this week between 10am and 3pm for your chance to play 'Name That Flick' with Q103's Candace! Where she will play you a short clip from a fairly famous film and if you can be the first one to call in to 518-476-1039 and correctly identify the name of the film the clip is from she will hook you up with a pair of tickets to the show!

Good Luck!