Millions of people visit the Statue of Liberty each year, but one woman keeps going back for more – because she claims that just touching the iconic symbol of American freedom gives her an orgasm. Wow – now that is what we call patriotism.

Amanda Whittaker, 27, is not a die-hard patriot, she actually suffers from a rare condition known as “objectum sexuality” which creates both an emotional and sexual connection between her and inanimate objects – her connection just so happens to be with the Statue of Liberty.

Whittaker says that she flew to New York last week to spend some quality time with the object of her sexual desires.

“It was like lightning between us. It was sexually and emotionally fulfilling. Libby satisfies my lovemaking needs.”

Apparently, Whittaker is very satisfied, because not only has she turned her home into a shrine to the statue, she recently had her surname legally changed to Liberty.  Whittaker says that she wants her condition viewed as simply “another kind of sexuality” – like being straight or gay.

Although Whittaker claims that her first true love was a drum set, and after that she slept around with a couple of flags, she says she is totally committed to the Statue of Liberty – so much that she wants to marry it.

“I’m not weird, just unusual. I see a different side to objects.”

We’ll admit, thinking about what’s going on under the statue’s skirt sometimes gets our Empire State Building erect.